Helping Churches & Families
Become Financially Secure

By Providing The Tools They Need...

When we present to your church family, we share valuable information and resources on the subjects of estate planning, personal finance, stewardship, and the “Charitable Remainder Trust” (CRT). Through a CRT, a person can give to God’s work upon death, take full advantage of tax deductions now, all without depriving heirs.

Our seminars are not just for those close to retirement. They are for adults of all ages. Without using a lot of “fancy” legal terms, we make these details of estate planning and financial planning easy for everyone to understand.

Do Your Families Know?

If both parents die…

Unless you have the proper legal documents in place and decisions recorded, the Probate Courts could grant custody to whomever they choose, regardless of your faith or family values.

Limits of a will…

A will is not as binding and thorough as a trust? Did you know if a surviving parent remarries without proper planning, their inheritance could be legally given to the wrong people?

Changing legislation…

Changing legislation and taxation could affect the wishes of the giver. Through proper estate planning, you can ensure your assests will be distributed quickly and correctly.

Families destroyed…

Financial issues are the leading cause of divorce. With coaching and proper planning, we can help families become financially secure.