It is my honor and joy to recommend Dave and Trina Savage of the “Alliance Financial Group.” There are many reasons to recommend them and their company to you and your church.

First of all, their character is rock solid. I have personally known the both of them for approximately 20 years. They live their Christian faith. They are comitted Christians that have a heart of generosity to the Lord’s work and God’s people. Secondly, they have great expertise in the areas of stewardship, estate planning, and financial investments. Their business can be a help and blessing to individuals and churches. Finally, I have had them conduct financial classes for Cornerstone Church. The people were richly blessed. After taking their classes, people would say things like, “amazing,” “I never knew that.” “so helpful,” and learned so much.” Please give them a call. I know they will help you. God will use them to be a blessing in your life.

Pastor Tim Forsthoff