lt is my privilege to know David and Trina Savage and to use their services for my living trust and retirement accounts. They have also done several presentations for The Road Community Church where I pastor. Their presentations are informative and relevant but what I appreciate more than the information is the spirit in which it is communicated. David and Trina are above all committed to Jesus Christ and it comes through in everything they do at Alliance. They are people of integrity and humility. God has blessed their commitment to honor Him by prospering their business and they have responded with gratitude and by showing generosity to everyone they know. This is the platform from which they speak. They don’t just talk about sound financial practices and their results. They live them.

When David and Trina give investment advice, help someone with a retirement account or make a presentation to pastors or a local church, you can count in them engaging only in Christ honoring business practices. They will provide Biblically based information and they will not pressure anyone Their goal is to be a help and blessing. David and Trina are good at what they do and God has blessed them in a way that enables them to do presentations at churches, pastors conferences and marriage seminars without charging exorbitant fees. They want to help others make wise, sound financial decisions.

I highly recommend David and Trina Savage to handle your investments, your retirement account or if you are a pastor or leader, your next financial seminar. They will present information with clarity, humor and passion and you will be blessed.

Pastor Chris Vitarelli