How do our FREE seminars
help local churches?

Gospel Impact

We love teaching people how the Gospel impacts personal finances and planning for the future.

Avoid Mistakes

It is exciting for us to show members how to avoid costly mistakes in estate planning.

Family Protection

Over the years, we have helped countless families plan for their financial future.

Integrating Biblical Principles with Estate Planning

In this seminar, you will learn…

What is probate?

Learn how your estate can avoid probate court costs and time delays on asset distribution.

Why guardianship is important.

Discover how to ensure that your minor children (in the event of your premature death) would be raised by someone of your choice – not the court’s.

How to give when you pass on.

Learn how to give to the ministries that you love long after you and your spouse have passed away, and take the tax deductions now without depriving your heirs.

Why do you need a will?

Find out how a will can benefit your family and how your current Will could cost your estate thousands of dollars.

What costs drain your estate?

Learn how to protect your estate from taxation and nursing home depletion that can take away your lifetime of saving.

The Social Security Tax.

Identify ways to cut costs by avoiding certain Social Security taxes.

Protecting if incapacitated

How to avoid court appointed guardianship / conservatorship if you were to become incapacitated.

A trust and the business owner

We will answer the question, “Would a family trust benefit a business owner?”